I have been busy over the last couple of months helping two organizations plan for 2013 not to mention doing my own business and personal plan. Strategy is simply maneuvers, to get to a goal. Amazingly it is an afterthought in many companies.

Here are some interesting statistics on the importance of having a well throughout strategic plan.

95% of businesses do not understand the importance of a strategic plan
90% fail to execute the strategy once they have one
60% do not link strategy to budgeting
Organizations that use a strategic plan are 12% more profitable
70% of companies that use a formal process to manage strategy outperform thier peers.
–Source, The Balanced Scorecard Institute

These are powerful motivators to begin or continue your plan and then use it! We are coming to the end of 2012. Now is the time to get your plan in pace and be on the positive side of the statistics.

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