Different LeadershipWe are pre-programed how to lead. From the time of our birth we begin learning our habits and through which we view the world. At some point we begin to realize that not all of the things we have learned serve us and that is where the real work begins. Below are some tips to reprogram ourselves as leaders so as to serve more people more efficiently while building the life of our dreams.

• Be Humble – This is a tough one for many of us to understand while we are in the 15-28 year old range. After that period of discovery ends we have a better capacity to understand the fact that we can get what we want in life by helping others get what they want in life. Servant Leadership is a mindful leadership choice that begins from being humble in your approach to others.
• Seek First to Understand, and Then be Understood – These famous words by Stephen Covey have had the most impact on my path to being who I am now. When we really attempt to understand another human being and their perspective on life and business we become well rounded in our interactions with everyone else in our lives.
• Practice Deep Listening Skills – If all of us only chose do this one thing, imagine the changes that would occur. Business, political, personal and any other conversation would be more educational and the outcomes would have more meaning. For your next conversation you have ask more clarifying questions, let the other person talk and form your thoughts after they are done, and don’t be afraid to slow down and consider your response rather than blurting out your immediate thoughts.

These tips are a great starting point. The process itself is the most important part as we look to do more good for more people in business and life. Leadership is not always easy. However it is a rewarding feeling to see others thrive through the changes we make in ourselves.

Enjoy the ride, it is worth the trip!