I have been inundated with requests for coaching, speaking engagements, and workshops from business leaders and organizations on how to best engage their Millennial workforce over the last year. There are “best practices” when employing this age group but the systems of engagement shift from company to company based on the culture of each. I need to remind you that it is important to look at your overall staff engagement first before you develop a plan for your Millennials. millennialwordle

The USA Today has an excellent article on Millennials in the workplace, though I do not like the title. Who wants to be mastered? This kind of stereotyping is part of the larger conversation we need to be having. With turnover costs of $360 billion and the coming job wars looming, this is the time to create a culture in your organization people want to be a part of, before your competitors can beat you to it.

If your organization would like to re-engage your entire workforce, especially the Millennials I can help. Contact me here: Millennial Mentor

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