One distinct difference between generations is the Millennial view on life outside of the office. Many Millennials put life before work, which means they are interested in bringing that balance seeking mentality into their workplace. Recent studies show less than 10% of Millennials want to work for a large corporation preferring instead to work for smaller firms or become entrepreneurs themselves to maintain control over their quality of life.

Face it. Life purpose is now a discussion topic on the job, get used to it. If the  leadership in your organization has not accepted it, your staff may be looking at your competitors that are.change

Martin Zwilling of Business Insider does a superb job of addressing this global shift in ALL generations of the world.  Read this and decide for yourself if you are progressing forward or clinging to an outdated model of doing business and living. My clients are learning to deal with this epic change for themselves, their organizations  and with the soon to be largest workforce ever seen in history, the Millennials. Click the link below for more.


More Entrepreneurs Are Seeking Purpose In Business