Meet my guest blogger,  the Business Solutions Expert my friend and trusted colleague, Carol Frink. 10177894_765526150132816_3418452312353560485_n

Carol is the founder of Real Business Solutions, LLC a company she started to serve business owners struggling to stay in business who are ready to get the help and support you need to build the business and life you really love.

In our quarterly check-ins with each other this past month I asked her to address her passion in helping small business owners in their day to day struggles.

Thank you, Carol for sharing this important information with my community!

It is my pleasure Scott.  My passion is helping business owners remove the struggle they are facing today and stay in business and get the results they want.  It’s a really big deal.  Healthy business owners build healthy businesses and healthy families and healthy communities.

I hear from business owners all the time that they:

can’t market their business,
can’t pay themselves,
can’t hire an employee,
can’t attend a business conference

because they can’t AFFORD to.

What that means is your checkbook balance is deciding all the things you can and cannot do because you don’t understand the money piece of your business.  You probably don’t have a Stay in Business Money Plan.

The money piece of your business impacts YOU, your time, your goals, your products, and your marketing… virtually every piece of your business because if the money piece is not in order it’s impossible for the rest of your business to be in order.

For each area of your business from business structure, to company goals, to products and services, to marketing to money, when there is not a clear plan or a lack of understanding, a money leak begins….the exact reason you think you can’t “afford” to do something.

The truth is you need to understand the money piece of your business FIRST so you can see what is really going on in your business.  The financial piece of your business tells a true story about what is happening in your business.

Most business owners are clear on their products and/or services but the business side of business… the money piece is what holds 99% of business owners back.

To stay in business and get what you want you must have both. This is a question all business owners must answer What’s Your Stay IN Business Money Plan?

 In business there are two pieces of business that must work very closely together… you and the money piece of your business.

When you get this right it is impossible to fail.  However, until you get this right it is impossible to succeed.

Here are three tips to get you started with your Stay IN Business Money Plan.


  1.  Reclaim your time.  It is impossible to know what is happening in your business if you are running around like a chicken with your head cut off.  Look at how you are really spending your time.  Write it down!  What is consuming the majority of your time?


  1. Make a list of all your monthly business expenses.  Write them down.  Then make a list of your monthly sales (aka revenue or income).  What are your monthly sales and what are your monthly expenses?


  1. Get outside help.  There are a lot of journeys in life you want to take alone and this is not one of them.   It is really important that as you move forward in your business you get help and you get training and accountability and you get support.  You’ve got to have somebody who’s been down the road ahead of you and knows what they are doing and knows where the pitfalls are, who knows how to help you get where you’re trying to go.

What is your Stay IN Business Money Plan?

Here are some symptoms that show up when your Stay IN Business Money Plan is missing or isn’t working.

  • You are working harder and harder in your business and still not getting the results you want.
  • You are not paying yourself and know this MUST change.
  • You want to be sure you’re doing everything right in your business but you’re not sure where to go for help.
  • You don’t understand the money part of your business and wish you knew what all the numbers mean.
  • You are starting to get burned out by the never-ending workload and are thinking of giving up.

If your answer is YES these things are happening in my business!  And I’m ready to get help now, click here to schedule a 30-minute Complimentary Stay IN Business Money Plan assessment with Carol (a $250 value).

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