Millennial Entreprenuers are Searching for Purpose

One distinct difference between generations is the Millennial view on life outside of the office. Many Millennials put life before work, which means they are interested in bringing that balance seeking mentality into their workplace. Recent studies show less than 10% of Millennials want to work for a large corporation preferring instead to work for [...]

Stress Relief is Where It’s At!

    After 27 years in business I know how imperative it is to consistently fine tune your offerings for what is relevant for your clients, you and your business. Working as an Executive Coach the needs landscape is constantly changing. Through listening to the needs of our clients we change what we offer in our suite of [...]

Engaging Change as a Team

I hate change, change is uncomfortable, change creates more problems than we are currently dealing with, changes never sticks. These are but a few of the comments I have heard over the years working with my business leader clients (personal development clients as well but that is for another blog post). Interestingly my entire function [...]

Ten Reasons Strategic Planning Fails to Deliver Results

Many organizations have gone through a strategic planning effort. Volunteer board members almost always tell us the effort reenergized them and given them a sharper focus of the direction they are headed. Unfortunately, that’s where it ends for most. Involving a professional facilitator that has gained a deep understanding around the organizations values is invaluable [...]

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