“I’ve only known Scott a short time and I already feel like we’ve been working together forever. His approach is genuine and he really partners with you to help you grow in your business and life and he is totally in tune with helping you develop. I can already say that working with Scott has been invaluable and I look forward to continued growth and new possibilities that he is helping unlock.”

– Dan A. Market Manager Albany, NY

“Scott is a gifted leader with high integrity and moral character. His business savvy is built on years of practical experience which has shaped his exceptional ability to help guide management teams through the challenges of the business world. Scott is practical, understanding, but also firm and consistent. I highly recommend Scott for your business consulting needs.”

– Lauren L. Director McMinnville, Oregon

“Working with Scott over the past year has been a tremendous blessing! He has helped me reach new levels in my business life and home life through helping me find balance between the two. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants more out of life whether you are in business or not.”

– Carol L. Entrepreneur Keizer, Oregon

“Scott is a dynamic, highly intuitive, and very personable coach. His style instantly put me at ease and made the coaching experience very enjoyable. Scott is able to quickly get to the heart of the matter while still taking the time to listen and fully explore the topic at hand. I highly recommend Scott to anyone seeking a coach!

– Julie F. Professional Coach Colorado Springs, Colorado

Scott is a very detailed orientated person who looks out for the best interests of his customers without losing site of the bottom line. Scott also takes a deep interest in the employees as they represent us and help us achieve our goals. Scott Sadler is a person that I would recommend to anyone.

– James P. Entrepreneur Keizer, Oregon

I’ve worked with Scott on multiple occasions, each providing a new insight into my business and myself. He is excellent at getting to the root of a problem and assisting me to develop strong, viable solutions. I’d hire him anytime!

-Mark S. Entrepreneur Salem, Oregon

Finding balance has been a struggle of mine for as long as I can remember. Scott’s workshop “Empower Your Goals” was a breath of fresh air for me. There were many tools provided that can assist me in finding the balance I crave so much. I appreciated being told that it will feel uncomfortable to start these changes, but it will get better. I have often been told about how to make changes, but the details about being uncomfortable make it hard to want to go forward with plan. It was nice to hear about Scott’s struggles through this. I needed to hear that by taking care of myself, I can then be better in all areas of my life. Thank you for sharing your story.

– Laurie V.O. Teacher Eugene, Oregon

Scott’s workshop “Empower Your Goals” was an excellent reminder that I need to take time for myself instead of always giving, giving, giving!

-Monica F. Teacher Eugene, Oregon

Of the hook awesome! I have been recently researching this topic extensively, (Self-Care) have invested In a Life Coach, and yet it has only been Mr. Sadler who has met me exactly where I am and filled in the gaps; the pieces of the puzzle I was still missing, that were holding me back. His inspiration and credibility were comprehensive, insightful, and are what got me all the way there!!

– Sage S. Teacher Eugene, Oregon

“I started working with Scott during a very difficult and challenging time in my life. I was a brand new business owner and a mother, and feeling overwhelmed with all of my responsibili- ties. Scott really helped me to focus in on my priorities. He also helped me to understand the power of coming from a positive place and expecting good things to happen to me. I would highly recommend Sadler Business Coaching to anyone who needs that outside perspective and guidance. Scott is very easy to talk to and he really does care.”

– Teresa S. Entrepreneur Salem, Oregon

“I have known Scott for over 20 years. He is a highly driven, knowledgeable person. His advice is based on solid experience. I trust him.”

– Mary Louise V. Entrepreneur Salem, Oregon

“Scott is a practical, no-nonsense entrepreneur. He doesn’t just find success; he logs it, tracks it and studies it. He knows what works, and his network of experts and knowledge seems end- less. Talk to Scott about what’s ailing your business, and you’ll soon see what I’m talking about.”

– Kyle S. Author/Speaker Salem, Oregon

I find that one session with Scott propels me into my dreams faster than any other method I’ve tried. He is savvy in resources that are right for my direction, he is supportive in a way that gives me the freedom of choice, and he makes sure I am satisfied with our session results. Scott is a unique human put on earth to be of service to those of us who need the help to move toward our real purpose. I don’t know anyone who is so joyful, so focused and so wise.

– Cheryl G. Executive Salem, Oregon

Scott is detail oriented and understands the importance of creating systems to achieve the desired results. He is a man of integrity and looks out for the best interest of everyone involved.

– Bert O. Entrepreneur Salem, Oregon

We met Scott for the first time at the end of 2008, and were instantly impressed with his professionalism and desire to see “good” done. While he was in the middle of a personal transition he was helpful and very supportive of our venture. He always had the interests of the local community at the forefront of his thought process and was able to help us make connections that eased our transition in to the former Arbor Cafe space. Scott also recommended one of his former employees to us, and she has become a very valuable member of our team. Scott works hard to find “win/win” situations, and is – as many others have mentioned – a man of great integrity.

– Janet H. Entrepreneur Salem, Oregon