Resolutions mean nothing to most people. Intentions and goals however seem to be taken more seriously. As a coach my entire world revolves around helping people who are interested in change of one kind or another. This means asking for them to describe in detail what they want for their life or business (many times both) to look like after the change has occurred.

Here are some ideas to get you started.

  1. Be clear about your desired outcomes. Get some coaching and write them down.
  2. GoalsAsk yourself what you want others to see in you. Start living those qualities immediately.
  3. Set powerful, achievable goals and be sure to include completion dates.
  4. Review them often, sometimes numerous times a day when you need to be reminded of what you are working toward.
  5. Be kind to yourself if you backslide from time to time.

I am offering 3 free coaching sessions around your goals for the first 13 people who sign up. This is to celebrate 2013 the year of transformation. This can be for executive, personal development or business coaching.

If you have never worked with me, have a strong desire to move forward in your life and/or business, and are willing to take the time to focus on your ideal life, than you qualify for this limited one time offer. Send me an email as it is first come first served. I will send you some tools to get you started and we will be off and running!

Happy New “You” Year!