This time of year right, around August 1st, as summer keeps progressing toward the fall season in the western United States, I find myself thinking of this year and checking in on how I have done toward the goals I set for my life and business last year for this year. I am so sure of the success from planning out my life and business goals that in August I start to get excited about the next upcoming planning process! This year has been even sweeter for me since in 2013 I had so many giant goals that I decided to have a “summer of sacrifice” meaning I did not get out and do as many fun things as I normally would do in the beautiful Oregon summer weather. This year I have had plenty of play time as a direct result of a deeper focus and better execution of my plans from last year.

Doing your yearly planning is one of the most important things you will ever do. If you knew where you wanted to go, and had a plan to overcome obstacles, and developed a positive support system to help you get there, would you do it? A recent study shows that 8 in 10 people say their life lacks an overall goal and 1 of 5 actually write them down while 1 in 4 have the same goals each year…and fail to achieve it. 


For me it all started in October 2011. Re-started actually. I have always been a goal setter and have had moderate success in doing so. In 2011 I decided I could do much better with some better discipline. Understanding the statistics above I set out to overcome my own barriers. First I wanted to start earlier in capturing my goals for the upcoming year. I decided on October and my plan would be done by November. It was such a relief to go through the holiday season and not have to worry about my plan for the upcoming year and I was able to hit the ground running in January. As part of my planning I set up retreats for myself on my calendar for the following year to focus on measuring my progress and tweak my plans. Finally, I was sure to engage with people who would hold me accountable to my own plans for my life and business. Just knowing I had to be accountable to someone  was a major motivator for me to perform at a higher level!

As an Executive Coach I feel I am doing my life’s work to help others succeed and find happiness in life and businesses. This is the same process I use as a template to coach many of my clients.  September 18th I will be launching the online course Create Your Best Life, Planning Beyond Goals to walk people through the process I have described above and provide tools, templates  and accountability needed to change your life and/or business in the most positive of ways.

This will be a 4 week class and accommodate a limited amount of attendees that are focused on changing behaviors around goal setting and life planning, and getting them ready to have their best year in 2015. This is available on Thursdays and is recorded in case you cannot make it to the  live class. This first course is affordably priced at $320 for all the benefits listed above and more.  Create a better plan for 2015 and beyond, reserve your place by clicking here now: Save my Seat!

I am looking forward to 2015 and yet am still present enough to enjoy the rest of summer and the beautiful fall season to come! Be thinking about how you can create YOUR best life and let me know how I can support you!